Manganese Products and Applications

Manganese is used in everything. It’s the 4th most widely used metal in the world after iron, aluminum and copper. 90% of manganese ore ends up in steel making and the remaining 10% is used in a range of industrial applications extending from Agriculture to Zinc. GoodRock USA focuses on this 10% by offering a full menu of manganese-based minerals and chemicals to its customers. GoodRock USA has also grown its portfolio of products to include iron pyrites, iron oxide and iron chromite.

Our Products

GoodRock USA offers a full menu of manganese-based additives as well as other industrial minerals from our parent company’s multiple production facilities.


Manganous Oxide MnO 50%


Manganous Oxide MnO 60%

Animal Feed

Milled Manganese (M400)

Clay Brick

Trimanganese Tetraoxide
Mn3O4 (GR1 & GR2)

Clay Brick, Oilfield

Manganese Granulars (FibeOx ™ & M.dox 72 ™)

Fiberglass, Water Treatment
Iron Pyrites (P20)
Metallurgical, Glass
Iron Chromite
Clay Brick, Glass
Iron Oxide
Clay Brick, Oilfield
Manganese Dioxide MnO<sub>2
  • Clay Brick
  • Fiberglass
  • Water Treatment
Trimanganese Tetraoxide Mn<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub>
  • Clay Brick
  • Oilfield
Manganous Oxide MnO
  • Batteries (EMD)
  • Animal Feed
  • Fertilizer
Industrial Minerals
  • Iron Pyrites
  • Chromite Flour
  • Iron Oxide

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Why GoodRock?

In these challenging times of supply chain shortages and disruptions, GoodRock USA remains a consistent and reliable supplier to our most important asset - OUR CUSTOMERS

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